August 11, 2004

Curious George: Double Post This is hard for me to admit...

I've FPPed before, but apparently only dumb luck has prevented me from double-posting. You see, I've just realized that I don't know how to search for a url. What I have been doing is copying and pasting the web address of the page I'm interested in FPPing into the search engine. I haven't thought anything of the negative results until today when I copied/pasted urls I knew should give positive results and the search came up empty. What am I doing wrong? There. I said it. Bring on the poo. I deserve it.

  • I don't know how either. I just search for a bunch of different keywords, really. Also, I've memorised the entire site...
  • interestingly, they're discussing similiar trouble over in the blue
  • (oh, and i still giggle when i see "FPPed," which reminds me of "fapped" or "fwapped." and we all know what THAT is. heeeee.)
  • If you do a search for a url in google it suggests some options. I've found the results a bit unpredictable. I'd agree with dng - try a couple different things. Google's site restriction (using works pretty well and you can use it to detect monkeyfilter-specific double-posts.
  • I never search for the url. I search for key words that are integral to the piece. Mind you , I DO double post a bit...
  • You can write the url address into the Google search bar like this. link:
  • i use - or rather, I don't. I use the search for keywords too. Fortunately I've never double posted. *taps 'post new comment' button with lengthening nose*
  • I certainly hope that's your nose, Pete.
  • Now I'm beginning to wonder about my own searches, since I generally just search the URL for posting to mofi or mefi. Yup, just tried, and it didn't work. Pure dumb luck for me then. I think. Unless secretly every post I've ever made was a double, and everyone was keeping it from me...
  • You just discovered your own dirty secret, jb. I pretend to know every link that's been posted but it doesn't work and I really do rely on monkey call-outs to spot double posts. Considering how many of us there are, there are relatively few double-ups. I use the google search with, plus I recommend the other suggestions monkeys have offered. It doesn't help that we try to make our posts sound interesting and so tend to use other ways to describe the links than the obvious keywords. I'll look at getting a more specific URL search, although there will still be double posts due to multiple sites hosting the same content. There's no escape, really.
  • Also, I've memorised the entire site... I believe you... Altough I rarely do FPPs, they mostly are recent things so I just search on the recently posted column. Besides I check almost EVERY DAMN POST (no social-life) on Monkeyfilter so I do have a vague idea of everything have been posted before ...or maybe I have too many deja-vus. Considering how many of us there are, there are relatively few double-ups. Maybe double posts are infrequent here. But we love to post the same thing over and over again. By the way, there's a guy on ebay who is selling a wedding dress...
  • er ... funny this should come up tonight ... as I'm responsible for a double post today and I did search for the URL and Bush and George and and nothing came up ... Bah! maybe google searching will help!
  • Keyword search works, but you have to be inventive in trying different words/phrases. Getting to be so many posts now in the course of a day, it's sometimes two or three days before I get all caught up. (This is not a complaint -- on the contrary.) And I doubt anyone will remember each one of nearly four thousand monkeyfilter threads now in much detail, if at all.
  • Okay. To summarize: Nobody else really knows how to url search either... So we have two options. 1. Search by keyword and hope that no one who FPPed (tee hee) the url in question decided to be clever and not describe the link. 2. Memorize the entire site. I gotta tell ya, I feel much better. And I stand by all my (future) mis-posts. Thanks all.
  • And, folks, that's a clue you should get. When you post, put some key words in the description. I know it's really cool to be minimalist, but you're putting your fellow monkeys in danger of having a well loved post deleted because you thought your words were more important than the findable words in the target.
  • *lights candle for well-loved deleted post*