August 11, 2004

Amazon offering used condoms. Amazon apparently doesn't exercise any sort of editorial review on what the offer used. Anyone want to try ordering them?
  • Amazon suggests $7.82 to be a fair price for 36 pre-loved Trojans, though alas they have none currently available. Yeah, I checked. What, you didn't? I wonder if they'd have to be from the same vendor? Maybe Amazon is trying to get into the alternative reproductive technologies market? They're into everything else.
  • Used???!!! Damn, a ploy worthy of Turkemnbashi the Great!
  • If they're used, they should be sold on E-bay.
  • I wouldn't feel safe if my man didn't use "pre-loved" condoms.
  • Just rinse them out when you're done, people. Reduce, re-rinse, reuse, recycle.
  • You wouldn't throw out your lucky t-shirt, now would you?
  • I'm sure you can find someone on the internet who has a fetish with used condoms.
  • el_hombre: Your comment makes me think you have a very unconventional sex life. Or an empty social calendar.
  • too funny!!
  • drivingmenuts: ...or maybe both.
  • Amazon's "Health & Personal Care" section has all sorts of idiosyncrasies. For instance, when someone was complaining about being unable to find an original copy of Myst, I looked on Amazon to see what they charged (less than $2) but when I did a search for Myst, this item (sort of NSFW) came up before the game I was looking for. That's actually how I discovered that Amazon now sells sex toys.
  • And "refurbished" sex toys at that! But hey, as long as I'm saving a few pennies...
  • Do they have used douche?
  • Used douches? Yeah, we got that.
  • Although, to be honest, it looks as if every item has the "Order it used" button on the side.
  • They do. And all of the books about divorce have "Add this to your wedding registry." buttons as well. (There are over 63,000 books about divorce.) Also, when you click on write a review of this item, they have a link that says "Under 13? Use Our Kid's Review Form!" I wonder if there are a lot of 12 year olds purchasing penis pumps and vibrators...