August 11, 2004

"I guess that hoplessness is what I am trying to capture." Flash slideshows of photographs by Serbian-born and Brooklyn-based photographer Boogie. From gypsies in Serbia to crack addicts in Brooklyn, these images are striking and sad. [Some are also NSFW]
  • Nice
  • Very good. The photo buff in me wonders what equipment he's using. And also wonders about a bunch of other things -- such as, how munch of his ass he's putting on the line during the assignment. Pretty rad. I dislike flash navigation of photo exhibits. I'd still have to be pointed at a site that would make a use of it that I'd consider integral and essential part of the viewing experience.
  • ))))))) Incredible, powerful, moving... I have about 997 more words for each of these
  • I just watched Time of the Gypsies again last night. That movie is SO DAMN AMAZING. Why are Balkan Roma the most fascinating people in the world? Between the St. Georges day scene from TotG to the Romanian scene in Latcho Drom, nothing is more fantastic, hauntingly beautiful, and surreal than these Roma cultures and ways of life. caveat: ian is obsessed with finding a spanish gitano bride, payo though he is. so i like Gypsies.
  • Was about thirty seconds away from buying a DVD of Black Cat White Cat yesterday.
  • Ian: about the bride, is it the flamenco? What's the attraction? (And, if you go to Spain to court one, you should call her "gitana.")
  • path: hahah! That was very silly of me. I didn't even notice it till you pointed it out.