August 11, 2004

Put your own photo or art on a genuine U.S. Postage Stamp. This is a 3 month trial by the USPS with

4-7 days for delivery. How do stamp collectors feel about this? And doesn't this raise privacy concerns "since it embeds intelligence about the sender within the bar code"? Nothing to worry about, according to this. Umm-hmm.

  • We don't really accept anything that as a private company we'd consider objectionable or controversial," McBride said Well that totally ruins my plan to use goatse man on my tax return
  • Send your grandmother a birthday card with a tubgirl stamp!
  • boobies!
  • oh GOD couldn't you just see a goatse stamp? i mean, really. what a concept.
  • I think this is VERY cool. The hardest part is trying to decide WHAT to put on your stamps. Hey -- maybe a MoFi stamp!
  • Hey -- maybe a MoFi stamp! You took the words right out of my banana-munching mouth, davidmsc. (-; *finishes banana.
  • Maybe a stamp which has as its only graphic a URL where the goatse image can be found.
  • the MeFi All-Stars! I'll trade you two stravos for a crunchland! the stamps, of course, would simply be mustard-yellow typeface on a dark blue background
  • What about a "USPS Sucks" stamp? Think it would get delivered? I'm kidding, of course. Hey--how about a David Berkowitz stamp! Or Cliff Clavin!
  • Hey--how about a David Berkowitz stamp! Or Cliff Clavin! davidmsc wins.
  • Not to rain on anyone's parade here, but we're talking at least $.86 for a $.37 stamp. If you order one sheet just for the heck of it, we're talking $1 per $.37 stamp. On the other hand, if this program does not get greenlighted, I can imagine 20-50 years from now your sheet of custom stamps featuring badly lit pictures of your dog will probably be worth something. Of course, the true value will probably be discovered by your ungrateful grandchildren on Antiques Roadshow: Neon City.
  • Finally, fat Elvis! Re: the cost of customization, I don't the price is too bad. Most of these stamps will probably be photos of the happy bride and groom, who are clearly willing to shell out 5 or 10 bucks (wild guess) for the invitation the stamp is on anyway.
  • *signs up for David Hasselhoff stamp*
  • It keeps crashing for me when I try to check out. Anybody else having this problem?
  • Maybe not Cliff, but I'd definately go for a Newman stamp.
  • "I see dead people"
  • on the envelope telling them where to go.
  • Does anyone really look at the stamps affixed to their mail, except stamp collectors? When I open my mail, I do it from the back side of the envelope. I think companies will get over this fad quickly - why pay twice as much for postage when no one will notice that your logo was emblazoned on the stamp? And, if anyone noticed, what would it mean to them? I'd guess I'd think they hadn't much sense and maybe I wouldn't want to do business with them. I wonder how long until a hacker finds a way to forge these things, including the bar coding. No post office would be able to be sure that a stamp they didn't issue was ok. And, it seems to me that the effect on stamp collectors might be devastating. (Do stamp collectors still do first day covers?)
  • When the US Post office honors a face on the stamp that person must first be dead. So kill the people whose people you want on stamps.
  • The Smoking Gun was there < /Fark >
  • PhotoStamps are back. And the stock price went up 20% today. Which kind of pisses me off, since I used to work there. It was the start of the .com crash... I had bought 100 shares of stock at approximately $9.00 per share through an employee stock purchase plan. For 6 months, I watched the stock price drop like a rock.... Ugg.
  • I remember when you could buy a roll of 100 stamps for $5.00. They had some dead president on them. *sigh I feel old.