August 11, 2004

Curious George: Contact lenses. Anyone know of an online contact lens vendor that is not militant about a slightly expired prescription?

OK, my lens provider (starts with "ac") botched my order late last month by not filling it, and now the Rx has expired and nobody there replied to any of my E-mails. I now want to give my business to someone with good customer service, but I don't want to budget in another eye exam just because I'm 300 hours past expiration. If you don't want to 'out' a favorite company you can E-mail me directly via my profile.

  • I don't have the name of the place with me, but Canada doesn't have the same time limitations as the US. I've been re-ordering contacts from there now for about 5 yrs since my last perscription. fyi-all you potential worry-warts, I don't wear contacts full-time and throw away my lenses regularly. If I suspected for a minute that I might have a problem or my perscription had changed I would get myself to the doc. As it is, I can't justify paying a couple hundred every other year to be told everything is dandy.
  • I've bought lenses from Lensway. They didn't seem too militant about prescriptions.
  • (at least not in sweden)
  • Which Canadian vendor do you use Mmmuttly?
  • hey, roly, you a football fan? how about some green bay packer lenses? heh. of course they come in other teams, too, but why?
  • My case says 877-369-8474 but has no Company logo on it. The first page of the Google on the phone number none of the company names sound familiar. Maybe they got bought or I got in via some affliate program.
  • mmmuttly, I think the prescription expiry thing may be a provincial thing. Here in BC we have to have a check up every couple of years or lens shops won't refill prescriptions. At least, that's my experience.
  • This has certainly opened my eyes. Over here, we don't have prescriptions at all. Just hop down to the optician's, get a free eye test, and buy the contact lenses. Same goes for glasses, though it takes the shops about a week to get them made.
  • This has certainly opened my eyes No pun intended. Honest.
  • ahh... thank you, varj. i just got new contacts from lensway in the mail today. A+++++++++++++++ RELIABLE GREAT COMMUNICATION WOULD DEFINITELY BUY MORE CONTACTS FROM LENSWAY AGAIN.
  • Alnedra, I'd say you are getting a prescription for your lenses when you have your free eye exam. For some of us now here, that free exam is the issue now. Instead of being funded once a year they are now once every two years. Those who wish to pay for an extra one, or have extended coverage, may go once a year, or more often. Depending on how often you need to update your prescription, that can pose a problem. I don't think one can order any type of complicated corrective lens without a definition of the requirements from an optician or medical specialist.
  • thankfully, this lensway place is in sweden.. and i didn't have to show them my (nonexistant) papers. ;)