August 11, 2004

Self appointed, self anointed "grammar cop" goes on a crusade against all grammar, spelling and punctuation infractions. Humouously of course, though he does dole out fines. Admit it, you've always wanted to do that.
  • Ok, I'll start. Humouously That'll cost you five pushups in a push-up bra.
  • Only 5 fines since the end of March? Either his program is working or he ain't trying hard enough. I can find five grammar or punctuation errors on my walk to work. One on a party fire truck for rent suggests it is great for kids party's.
  • @Wolof Curses you!
  • @pyrrthon1 That should be "Curses, you."
  • Oh, and that should be "self-appointed," etc.
  • There's a lesson here, kids.
  • I live next door to a clothing store that puts little signs on its mannequins every Halloween. They say "Scarey Savings."
  • Complaint: Misdemeanor misspelling of "Russian" - an adjective and noun relating to the country, language and culture of people who often wear shiny gold pants; painting said misspelling on a stretched canvas surface; calling said streteched canvas "art"; selling said "art" with a straight face. Defendant: A SoHo street vendor selling paintings of questionable taste. Bad taste factor mitigated by the fact that the vendor is black and as such is apparently allowed to profit from self-deprecating material, like Chris Rock. Fine: 176 Rubles and a raised eyebrow. Complaint: Misdemeanor misspelling of "stretched"; omission of hyphen in "Bad taste factor"; misplaced phrase in "is apparently allowed to profit from self-deprecating material, like Chris Rock" (unless he means Chris Rock to represent self-deprecating material); wrongful use of capital letter in "176 Rubles." Also, overall use of "grammar" to mean "spelling." Fine: derisive laughter.
  • Officer spotted crime on window across from park where attention-starved "magician" David Blaine had stood on a pillar for a few boring days. Ha! Also, languagehat: "Okay, I've heard rumors that I doesn't talk good grammar (yes, I spelled it correctly) on here, but that's because I can do whatever the Hell I feel like doing. This is my blog. If I want to write in..." :o)
  • Man, I wish I'd thought of that site - not because it'd make me a million bucks, but because I do the same thing. I know most incorrect spelling can be chalked up to simple inattentiveness, but some of it is sheer stupidity, which I have a much harder time forgiving.
  • Isn't there a law of the internet which states that if you correct the English in someone's post, you are destined to make the same mistake soon afterward? I'm sure glad I never do that...
  • A tedious person.
  • Un homme parle au t