August 11, 2004

Curious, George While fooling around with the style sheets, I tried Monkeypedia. Now,I can't get back to my profile to change back to the default. Hope me!
  • Your profile is riiiight at the bottom, path. I commiserate; got into a panic myself the first time I tried Monkeypedia. Just keep scrolling down after you have clicked on the "Profile" button. Hope this helps.
  • This is why we can't have nice things! Not that I did this exact same thing myself or anything.
  • Hwhat, pray tell, is monkeypedia? I tried googling for it and I got something in a foreign language.
  • Check your profile, scroll down to Style, choose Monkeypedia (if you dare) and click Change. Revel in the glorious new style.
  • Ohhh, even I didn't know about Monkeypedia. That must have been #2's attempt at stylesheet editing. Weird.
  • Is there anyway to break it to him gently that it's causing trauma to little monkeys down here? Actually, I like the color scheme, which is very clean, but there's alot of wasted space on the left side, and having everything lumped at the bottom was a little disorienting.
  • Yellow! Yes! We monkeys love yellow!
  • Er, where on the profile page does one "scroll down to Style"? I don't see anything like that on my profile page. (Using Opera and Linux, if this helps..)
  • well, using a smart browser (one that allows direct selection of alternate stylesheets) you can also choose whichever one you want - monkeypedia doesn't show up on the list, but you can choose the default one again, at least, to make the profile link easier to find. in mozilla it's view --> use style --> pick one!
  • Its here, salmacis, just above the "change password" text boxes.
  • Ah, I found it by using Firefox. The trouble is that the menu item on the top was mangled by Opera, and there was no "profile" for me to click. I was attempting to reach the profile page by clicking on my username.
  • Hmm, just noticed that the one I designed (Slightly Green) is a bit broken. Is it alright if I update it a bit, Tracicle?
  • Wow. I never noticed this. Yellow doesn't give me that problem with chasing the top links down the page, as Default does. Nice.
  • Ooo-er! The yellow is cheerful, and eliminates the grey on grey altogether! Thanks, dng -- I'd never have found the right area by myself! /up with warm colours
  • BBF, go ahead - just email it to me when you're done.