August 11, 2004

Make your own snowflake (flash). This is nice and quite relaxing. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, two snowflakes can look identical.
  • Pretty...
  • Cool.
  • I like this site for information on natural snow flake formation. It has a java applet that lets you grow your own snow flakes and tells you why certain patterns form Why Files - Snow flake formation
  • All the snowflakes I made sucked.
  • All the snowflakes I made sucked. Mine all melted.
  • My snowflakes rocked tha mike!
  • When the cursor approaches the scissors they start whirling like dervishes. Perhaps this site is not compatible with a trackball?
  • This site reminds me of those paper-folding exercises from aptitude tests, which I suck at, because spatial thinking ain't my gig. But this is fun, and much less messy than making the real thing.