August 10, 2004

View deleted MeFi threads. [via] I'm not sure if this will work on MoFi as well, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.
  • Do threads get deleted here (in Monkeyfilter)?
  • Yep, all in one easy and convenient place.
  • I had no idea. Thanks shawnj.
  • Deleted MeFi threads also live on here. I actually prefer that interface.
  • [this is good]
  • This is fantastic! JG, are you kidding? lofi.mefi was state of the art until now, but there was no way to find the deleted threads without painstakingly going through the whole list looking for ones that didn't look familiar (or, of course, being alerted to the deletion via MeTa). Now we connoisseurs of Matt's Hammer of Deletion can get our fix with no extra effort! It was worth it just to read this gem.
  • ROFL! Gem, indeed. Great laugh for the end of the day...
  • YAY! This makes my day!