August 10, 2004

The Concealed Garments Project
  • People are so weird.
  • Precisely what makes them worthwhile. If I ever build any kind of building, I'm putting something crotchless in the cornerstone.
  • Wow! but I thought Jarvis Cocker was the only person who still said "whilst" goes to show how much I know I guess
  • I used to hide clothes for me (and my doll) in the garden shed in case I had to move out there. I wonder if they're still there? Children under the age of ten should not be allowed access to "The Diary of Anne Frank"
  • Speaking of weird, when I read 'concealed garments', I first thought of this.
  • Sometime ago I saw a very interesting site (probably posted to mefi or mofi) on the same topic - Folkmagic in Britain, which turns out to have been part of a PhD project. The site is now down, but the creator, Brian Hoggard has been interviewed on this site.
  • This is an interesting post, little nemo, thanks. Found the 'intentionally concealed' stipulation rather amusing.