August 10, 2004

Buildings that look like animals and other things. I stumbled across this bb devoted to skyscrapers, and one very cool thread in particular. This is why I love the internet.
  • Such a wonderful view Way up in the blue, With the city below, I suppose, Into an apartment I planned to juxtapose Myself with my assorted quelquechoses! A place where I would dwell with me, heartseasing My transistion from one season to next season! Yes, I meant to live in the elephant's nose Until I considered him sneezing!
  • I love the Lotus Temple in Delhi. Blew me away, compared to the Taj Mahal (though of course, the former is a modern building). Far more impressive from the inside than out. Very reverance-inspiring, except for the annoying "sshhhhh!!!"-ers working hard to ensure that no one enjoys it.
  • Now that I see the Longaberger big-ass basket building, I wonder why Martha Stewart Omnimedia didn't try to one up them.
  • Hmmm, interesting. That Elephant building looks like something a child would come up with using lego bricks! My entry would be the Ark in Hammersmith, London. It kind of looks like what it says it is...
  • Some of the examples (like the Lotus temple or the Elephant building (yay!) are great, but several aren't very clear on what they are supposed to be. In Toronto, we have The Bata Shoe Museum, which was built to look like both like a shoe box, or like a clunky high heeled shoe, and Robarts Library - no one knows if the turkey resemblence was intended or not. The sailboat hotel in Dubai is very beatiful.
  • Personal favorite: the Batman Building in Nashville. (blurry photo, but the nighttime shots are particularly Batmannish, imo)