August 10, 2004

Curious, George: Would you like to touch my monkey? Does anyone know of a german-language MoFi/MeFi-like site?

I asked this in a previous thread about french MoMeFis, but I guess there weren't many german speakers reading a post about french-language stuff.

  • If Sock Puppet doesn't mind my slight hijack (maybe just a co-jack?). Does anyone know of any Spanish language type MoFis or good spanish blogs?
  • now's the time on Sprockets when we dance...
  • ... ... hm...
  • So I guess that's a "no", right?
  • I'm guessing so. More likely it's that we don't have any native German speakers who could point you in the right direction. I wouldn't mind finding one either.
  • I have been searching MeFi/MoFi like web-communities in spanish but they are more old-school forums separated in different sections and composed mostly by Fark level contributors and commenters (not quite different from me).
  • nein, und das ist schade.
  • [das ist schade]
  • Perhaps it is that non-Anglo monkeys need to start the communities - then they can be the next mathowie or tracicle : )
  • I recently got an e-mail from a new monkey who wasn't able to post yet (and who didn't give me his monkey name). He suggested that I check out "Gemeinschaftliche Weblogs" on DMOZ and search for "Team-Weblogs". He also suggested having a look at I figured I'd pass that on, in case anyone checks on this thread again. And thanks to our mystery monkey for those tips.