August 10, 2004

Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing.... Don't know the difference between the Pigmy Nuthatch and the Common Redpoll? Can't imitate a Northern Bobwhite's whistle if your life depended on it? Well, sounds like you need to get to practicing your birdcalls, and if you can't find out the sound it makes here, chances are it just don't make noise.

The Bonus: If your cats are anything like mine, chances are that this site will have them swatting at your computer's speakers. The Drawback: I can't tell you how disappointed I am though to finally confirm that Roadrunners don't go "Beep! Beep!"

  • The Caveat: The songs and calls of more than 550 North American birds can now be heard online.
  • The Backpedaling: Well, er, yes, what Wolof said. So never mind the bit about "chances are it don't make noise," because that's not true at all, though it's fair to say that I can't hear them from here. Chirp, chirp.
  • Bah. Where are the tits?
  • But North America is the only importa. . . um, wait. What I meant to say is: but many of these birds also migrate yearly to South America, Canada, and points far beyond! Lovely birdies, gracias.
  • The tits of Britain need our support!
  • The cattle egret is laughing at you.
  • And the snowy egret is a troll.
  • Don't know the difference between the Pigmy Nuthatch and the Common Redpoll? Since it took me, like, ten seconds to realize you weren't talking about bands, I guess the answer is yes. I'll go learn now.
  • And, I've spent hours on this. And sent to others. Great post.
  • Wonderful post! When Mister shinything and I bought our house last August, we didn't realize we were moving into prime bird neighborhood: lots of parks and less than a mile from the Mississippi River. This spring was incredible. Birds going apeshit left and right, and more species than I had ever seen in my life. My favorite was this guy. He excavated a nesting site in our maple tree, but we never found out if he attracted a mate. We named him Pecky. /berd nerd
  • Yeah, this is a great post. Birders start out identifying by sight, but soon learn to associate by song. And once you start watching the birdies, you'll want to learn more, and find out how they interact with the environment, and ... I'll shut up now. (grabs binoculars and goes outside)
  • shell-thin bird bones are hollow saving weight as muscles under feathers slide there's less to lift aloft ribs strain against a keel breath's sucked in by the chestfull for flying high like diving deep is scarcely restful
  • Roadrunners DO TOO go "beep beep." I saw it on TV Saturday morning. Magpies, now they're talkers. nice Bees, as usual
  • o let us greet the Meaty Parrot and the White-eared Puffbird investigate the singers of songs we've never heard
  • Back in the day Co-workers, I told 'em The myriad birdsongs Like faxes or modems Are bursting with info Expressed in a rush Of intelligent life And sure it ain't us
  • looking at the ruined sea the mess we've made of the atmosphere all I can do is agree that wherever it is it ain;t here.
  • THIS is a Google video video . . movie thing of the most awesome bird I've ever heard. It's the Australian Lyrebird imitating a kookaburra(?) and a camera shutter (!), a car alarm (??) and a chainsaw (!!). I believe it to be a clip from a David Attenborough show of some sort. Beautiful plumage! (and the bird is quite stunning as well!)