August 10, 2004

The Ten Second Film Festival is the shortest, most challenging film festival on earth. All the films in the festival are 10 seconds or less and can be made using anything from a video camera, computer animation, web cam, flash animations, CCTV or whatever else you can get your hands on. You can watch it on the web, mobile phones, PDAs and in cinemas and film festivals around the world.
  • That is fun. Any LA Monkeys wanna make a monkeyrific contribution?
  • i didn't know the rules restricted production only to LA?
  • They aren't, I am.
  • This is freakin' awesome, thanks, RXR. The husband and I are totally going to try long as I can think of something to do. The 10 second limit is both refreshingly simple and downright impossible. Some of the current films are phenomenal, btw - the production values! Holy crap. We're going to have to work hard. :)
  • "Ten Points" is killing me.