December 18, 2003

minima. a journal of the small and potent.
  • [apologies if my slightly wayward formatting messes anything up]
  • Flash required.
  • excellent!
  • kudos!
  • well, shit. you learn something new every day.
  • By the way, A post without a title is not a good idea. It doesn't appear in "recently posted" and makes "recent comments" look buggy. That could explain the lack of comments...
  • Dear Mr. B.B.Finnegan: This appears to be a nice site, except I keep having to reload everytime I look at a page in each issue. What am I doing wrong? Yers fer better computing skills, BH
  • What BlueHorse said. I gave up pretty quickly.
  • Have you tried clicking the small box next to the title of the piece?
  • *Tries to enlarge teensy-wee text. Fails.* Monkey-pox!
  • "Object maturation percentile" instead of "loading!?" Jeez. If you're going to have difficult navigation attempting to be avante garde, you could at least be a bit less full of it.