July 13, 2004

UC Irvine's Blog Survey Do you blog? Take this mindblowing survey. It has its own blog. Takes most ppl about 5 minutes.

This anonymous survey is being spread around the blogosphere. It is available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Results will be publically published in a conference. It seeks to understand differences in blogging behaviors across cultures. Help spread it around!

  • What's so mindblowing about it?
  • Self-link on front page verboten, although OK in comments. Please play again, makko, you seem to be an interesting fellow.
  • Sorry about that, I missed that self-link thing on the FAQ page. Would it be okay to repost? Or should I wait a few days... Perhaps you guys have other ideas how I might spread the survey around? Thanks.
  • Nope, it wouldn't be okay to repost it here. And I think you'll find that most sites like this one would be mildly annoyed if you started advertising your own site (which is what self-linking essentially is) on their's. Metafilter runs cheap textads on the top right corner of their front page. Perhaps you could pay $10 to advertise properly. Meanwhile, I for one look forward to your contributions (of the non-self-linking variety) in the future.
  • OK, thanks for the tip, and apologies again for my social transgressionn.
  • ha ha! /nelson