June 17, 2004

"Keep your hands off the jailbait": Virginia Dept of Health. They're discouraging older men from screwing around with young girls.

I'm not sure what to make of it. We've had one anti-drug campaign after another for going on 25 years and I don't think it's made one bit of difference. And this isn't a matter of life and death, like the AIDS campaigns.

  • Good point. I don't think pedophiles really take their cues from billboards, if normal social pressures aren't doing the job. Who doesn't know that it's wrong? This money would be better spent on enforcement and treatment.
  • They're not really pedophiles, and I don't think the state of Virginia is playing this angle. For instance, I don't think the ads directly address the criminal aspect and jail sentences. My guess is that they are trying to prevent underage *pregnancies* more than anything.
  • 17 . . . why not? 16 . . . maybe if she's a mature 16. 15 . . . mmm, I'll really have to think about it. 14 . . . in all likelyhood yucky. 13 . . . maybe if this were a few hundren years ago. 12 . . . name one thing more annoying than a twelve-year-old girl. 11 . . . an eleven-year-old girl. 10 . . . okay, now you're going to jail, buddy. 9 . . . I already said you're going to jail. 8 . . . fine, like eight-year-olds. I don't care. 7 . . . This is where I draw the line. I am not joking. 6 . . . maybe if she's a mature 6. 5 . . . only if it's restricted to massage, and I'm heavily bribed not to report you. 4 . . . in all likelyhood yucky. 3 . . . at this point, innocence in it's purest form starts to be violated. 2 . . . you sick bastard. 1 . . . vigilante justice ensues. 0 . . . ???
  • "Sex with a minor. Don't go there." Now, if they added certain monkey tamer's photo, this campaign would be much more effective. freethought: WTF?!?!
  • WTF?!?! I know, I know. I should have taken it further, but I chickened out.
  • Even worse than underage pregnancies, girl cooties. ewwwwwgrosssss!
  • I think it is a pretty good idea. I've had many students who were underage, pregnant, and had "boyfriends" well in to their twenties.
  • Reminds me of what someone (Gregg Allman?) said about the uproar over Jerry Lee Lewis's marriage to his 13-year-old cousin Myra: "Hell, all us Southern cats knew she was really 12, anyway."
  • FYI, this is post 3000.
  • If the billboards don't work perhaps all the coasters and napkins in the bars will.
  • "We encourage adult men to talk to their peers and discourage them from pursuing teenagers." I'd like to take a moment now to remind my fellow monkeys, ages 18 and older, that the Commonwealth of Virginia would like their virgin Virginians to stay virgins, if they are under 18. Although, I always thought the rule of thumb was, "If there's grass on the field... play ball!"
  • Rhymes can justify any behavior: If they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to . . .
  • Read?
  • Feed?
  • Kneed?
  • Succeed?
  • ...do the deed?
  • ...have their family send you to a place where you won't want to drop the soap? Ah, it doesn't even rhymes...
  • I thought it was "Old enough to bleed, bleeding old enough"
  • I thought it was "old enough to make an application for a certificate under section 230A paragraph (1) of the Indian Income-tax Act 1961; old enough to take a mouthload of hot throbbing man-gristle".
  • Brian: Uh,how was your shower? Peter: Oh, I tell ya Brian, all the rumors about dropping the soap are true. Brian: Really? Peter: Oh yeah, you can't hold onto that thing to save your life. Oh, it was slipping all over the place. Guys were laughing.
  • "We encourage adult men to talk to their peers ..." Hmmmm, something here to comment on ....?
  • Funny, though, that it only focuses on older men sleeping with underage girls, and not the other way 'round. I'm sure it's because it happens more frequently among men than women, but why not a "Ladies: Wait Till They've Dropped" campaign?
  • Like I said above middleclasstool, I'm pretty sure this is about teen pregnancy, not the sex.