June 17, 2004

Today marks the first installation of a periodic posting titled, "SO? WHAT?" in which we request updates on past threads. Don't keep us in suspense! InfraMonkey, did you ever find a job? Ambrosia, did you find someplace warm? Boo, did the dog shut up? PF, did you meet your true love? Ambrosia, did your stalker depart? And, for a bonus 10 points: Did any monkeys solve the world
  • YES her, and maybe I should have kept that secret but I'm drunk and I worked 23 hrs of the last 36
  • so your true love is canadian poet anne carson? that sounds very cool! are you having tons o' romantic adventures?
  • good thread - I'd like to see one for world events too - like whatever happened to those miners from PA who were rescued?
  • SideDish, as to the first question, yes! We went to Ambergris Caye in Belize and stayed at the appropriately named Banana Beach. We went scuba diving, saw some of these and some of these. It was a great vacation. I'd go back in a heartbeat. I always meant to post that follow up, but never got around to it. Thanks for the nudge. As to the second question, my spidey sense hasn't been tingling since the locks were changed, so I think that's done the trick. And I'm spending a lot of time hanging out with this guy just in case.
  • Heh. Looks like a good roommate you got there. And if they love you, they'll do anything to protect you.
  • pete_best, here's what happened to the mine company owners.
  • cool, ambrosia! your vacation and your doggie both look awesome.
  • He's actually my boyfriend's dog. Both the boyfriend and the dog are wonderful, but my apartment is too small for either of them to move in, much less both.
  • Good thread - ambrosia, I was just wondering about you on my way home last night - true story. Glad to hear that you're feeling safe.
  • PF, if I weren't married, I'd be jealous as hell.
  • Awesome idea, SideDish. SOOO glad to know things worked out for you ambrosia!
  • neener neener neener
  • What happened to the wedding dress guy? Did he ever crate a website, as he said he might?
  • Ambrosia: glad you're safe and all has worked out. Although, hate to say it, but I'm afraid that dog does not look too wicked vicious--Unless that's a Ninja Milkbone he's got on his nose, I'd bet his worst weapon is drool. I hope the boyfriend has eyes half as deep and soulful. /teasing He's cute.
  • Sorry to keep everyone in suspense, I've been up in the wilderness freezing my ass off for several days for, oh yeah, "fun", taking me a while to catch up on all my missed internet slacking. Anyway, still no job yet, but I definitely did retain the motivation to start passing my shiny new resume off on other companies as well, so we will see...
  • For those bonus 10 points: the crossword puzzle just arrived. 2 solutions down, 140-odd to go....
  • I got a job!!!!!!
  • Nice one.