June 17, 2004

A new low. And, it doesn't require dollar bills or taking eyes off the TV to get your favorite beverage Not to be all Pepsi Blue-ish, but I saw a commercial for this and could not believe it.

What is this world coming to when society is telling the fat-ass couch potatoes that they don't even have to GET UP to get their next beer. You won't miss a single second of play or any accompanying wardrobe disfunction just to quench your thirst. $500 please.

  • Yes, but what gets me is that this pumped up REFRIDGERATOR seeks not to make a home more "home-like", but wants to let us pretend we're AT THE EVENT through the consumption of ephemera. If some monied little pud wants to feel like he's REALLY at the stadium, make him park ten blocks away from his condo, hire six drunken truckers to barf on his couch, and give his family air horns and cell-phones... Not Enough? Need The Perfect Accessory-- the Sky-DoggyBox; feed it six bucks for a cold hotdog and two packets of mustard. Just like At The Game!
  • In my life I have known three different guys that had full size soft drink vending machines at their house/apartment which were full of beer. I thought it was kind of cool.
  • disfunction = malfunction Note to self, never post after playing ball.
  • I know a guy who has real, auction-bought stadium seating, palm trees, a 50" TV, marked astroturf carpeting and walls painted as one big mural of Giants stadium in his living room. I think it's a safe bet he'll be getting one of these, if he hasn't already.
  • Holy Shit. You know, I could see getting a real vending machine. That would be slightly cool. But this piece of crap is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. The Lazy Boy with a fridge in the side, however, I am highly in favor of.
  • Confession to Sooooz and Affirmation to Weez; I've lusted after a restored Coke machine for my garage for years. At roughly $5000 USD a pop, however, it ain't gonna happen soon. They are truly beautiful!
  • That machine looks pretty cool Dizzy; but for $5000, shouldn't it get a better place of honor than the garage? Somehow I don't think that the vending machines of today will be as much sought-after 40 or 50 years as this machine is today.
  • True; But my wife throws me a red card and says "Too Tacky For Domicile--Garage only!" And she says this in a kinda spooky accent so I just stay mute.
  • Gawd, I hate it when they use the spooky accent! And that Coke machine would be the uber-sweetness. Now I just need to train my dog to fetch me a beer...
  • I've got a small TV on the kitchen's table. One day, eating breakfast, I saw myself fumble for the remote to change the channel, pointing it to the TV, barely 5 inches from the screen. I thought, "Just what are we becoming, due to our realiance on labor-reducing gizmos?" (actually I tought "Look at this, I'm f****ng crazy", but you get the idea). Of course, will one may scoff and sneer at a potato lusting after one of those dispensers, I look around and see three monitors bathing me with pixels off two workstations, a TV on the kitchen, a TV on the living room, a TV on the bedroom, a radio on the bathroom... necessities? Mmmhh... And, while stuff like jukeboxes or vintage vendign machines strike me as tacky, I still fantasize about having my own coin-op arcade game or pinball machine. Ah, someday. Hey, and at least they patented the ka-thunk™, and not the KA-CHUNG!! which I think is the sound those machines do, isn' it?
  • ...more like ka-thunk(wugglewugglewuggleTOCK!) I think. But I'm off my game today...
  • i don't know what the big deal is. like dizzy said, it's only a pumped up fridge designed for cold canned beverages. if you're addicted to soda/beer, the nice thing is you don't have to take up half the space in your main fridge with all the cans. it's nothing more than a push button mini beer/soda fridge. the manual version of which i'm sure many monkeys had in their college dorm days. it is tacky tho. and $500? nahh. i can buy a lot of cold beverages with that instead. i want a pinball too
  • I hire a guy to come around every twenty minutes or so and holler BEEAH HEEAH! or GETCHA RED-HOTS RIGHT HEEAH! from a few dozen yards away, then toss me the desired item and take all my money. Meanwhile I have one sound system blasting obnoxious rock music and another providing the all-important crowd chants. I'm arranging for a full-size replica of Shea Stadium to be built in the yard, because it's still just not real enough.
  • languagehat: Two words: Polo Grounds. That'd be old school. My family's business used to have one of the old chest-style soda machines, the ones where you lift the lid, drop in your dime (yes, only 10 cents), then grab your glass bottle by the top and scoot it along the track to freedom. Best coke machine ever, IMO.
  • They can slice fun now? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with some of this new technology.