June 16, 2004

Noddy (just to go with the flow of the day) has been voted the most popular children's TV programme in France. See, the French are very open to Anglo-Saxon culture really. Just leave the SUV behind.
  • Research carried out by Logistix Kids Worldwide ... has confirmed that Noddy ... is now the most popular pre-school TV character among French children aged two to four. [It is suspected that Noddy is equally popular with the one-year-old crowd, but they were unable to fill out our surveys for a number of reasons: including inabilty to hold onto pens, and, in rare cases, sit up. Logistix Kids. Logistix Kids. Logistix Kids, etc.
  • So, the French like to read about Bigears spanking Noddy's bottom, do they? No, wait, it calls Noddy a TV character! Quelle ignorance!
  • wee wee! (hahahahahhaa!! sorry, couldn't help it)
  • That's OK, Medusa - my daughters didn't stop laughing for about three days when they found out that that was what French children's favourite programme was called...
  • I like how Zebedee is called