June 16, 2004

"A well-timed blast of urine is the key to winning a crayfish fight, say researchers."
When in Rome, piss on it.

"Urine release is saying ’hey, pay attention: this is a dangerous guy’," says chemical-communication specialist Jelle Atema of Boston University. Diz? You wanna field this one?

  • Thanks forks, this will come in handy tomorrow. *goes off to drink a gallon of water*
  • So... didja just google "blast of urine" or what? tell me your secret. lmfao
  • Still laughing. "Pssshhhhhhhhhhh..." STOCK FOOTAGE: animal stampede
  • Johnny Cage vs Crayfish FIGHT!!!! crayfish special move: B + 1, B + 1, 3, B, F + 4 PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH FATALITY!
  • If you can post about crayfish piss, I can answer with hippo sweat.
  • Ah yes. *strokes chin* I believe the ancient greeks used to think that hippos sweated blood. But then they also thought that bees came from rotting bullocks and that piss was a condiment. See, still on topic.
  • Gee, Nostril, judging by what I had to wade through when I googled on "monkey pee," I gather there's a few "modern" freeks that still seem to think piss is a condiment. Yuck. Excuse me. I need to bleach my mind now.
  • ...they also thought that bees came from rotting bullocks... It's a base slander, yer honour! 'Twasn't bees, no no no, not bees that desecrated the dead! 'Twas them damned botflies!
  • To go back to the article for a second. How do the researchers know that the losing crayfish isn't just thinking 'Holy Shit, this guy has green piss - I'm getting out of here!'?
  • "This probably explains why crayfish do most of their urinating in combat situations." I'm wondering if crayfish ever think, "I really need to pee. I wonder if there's anyone around to beat up?"
  • what the HELL is going on here today?
  • Ecologist Thomas Breithaupt injected freshwater crayfish with a dye that made their urine glow green. He and his colleague Petra Eger staged fights between blindfolded crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus), to replicate the animals
  • Thanks, Forks, but I think I arrived too late and the situation appears to be in capable hands... oh, ok.. Boston was but a dusky memory as Chemical Communication Specialist Jelle Atema strapped the first of her Steely Dannios across her flat stomach, her taut fingers working the classic up/left/up/over configuration. The strap-on cylinder, teflon-coated and lightly oiled, hung between her slender legs like a baby's doughy arm. Band-Aids pinched across her nipples, (the saltwater and lanolin, when combined, only made her adversary more agitated) snorkelpiece roughly tucked into the cherry-red oyster that was her mouth, she transferred the cryo-bladder into the cradle under her arm and activated the syrup condenser. Hundreds of yards away, Walt Disney's urine was coursing through lister-ized tubing, silent and cool, its malty liquors seeking the safety of Jelle's cryo-bladder. She could feel the private warmth as it slowly filled, and smiled to herself. If only the families knew! We didn't want their heads! We wanted their URINE! To fight the Sinister Giant Crayfish Cabal that each day grew more deadly. Taped down, juiced up, and hungry for action, The raven-haired Chemical Communication Specialist opened the Ejection Tube and was gently blown into the frothy rictus of the Boston Bay. Fifteen meters away, the eye-stalks began to quiver, as if touched by underwater feathers...
  • That's my diz! Give him a hand everybody!
  • MC tool has just about articulated the thought that immediately came to mind when I read this, but I'll say it anyway - how the hell do you blindfold a crayfish? Diz: take a banana, any banana.
  • (a new genre--"soft-core sea-food porn")
  • Soft core, hard shell.
  • Porn just for the halibut.
  • Crayfish urine I fear not.