June 16, 2004

Woman's Guide to Peeing Standing Up It appears that social conventions and conditioning has forced women to sit down while urinating.

Its seen as "lady like" to hide your genitals and not be able to see urine coming out of you. If we look at this objectively it seems that there are many advantages to the standing up method. Sitting down takes longer, sitting on public toilet seats can be unsanitary and the squat hover is a killer on the thighs. Many may say it is difficult but when young boys are learning to pee standing up for the first time we know that it takes them a while to get it down as well. As with anything practise makes perfect.

  • Neat!
  • Oh christ, sooooo oooooold.
  • I think the peeing positions repertoire is too impoverished. Someone needs to do some kama-sutra-calibre research.
  • I thought this was posted already. So I searched, and... astute monkeys and longtime lurkers might remember this. Props to dirigible. Not sure how I could/would teach my daughter this. Especially if I'd have to use words like 'vagina', 'inner labia', and 'urethral orifice'; and what to do with all of it. She'll figure out how to pee standing up on her own, I'm sure. We don't teach boys how to play weenie guitar... they can learn that on their own.
  • >I thought this was posted already. Safe bet.
  • Monkeyfilter: We don't teach boys how to play weenie guitar.
  • Touching the inner labia, however, is a requirement . . . On some websites you'd have to pay for that kind of content.
  • This reminds me of just how fun it is to run random words and phrases through Google image searches.
  • So does this actually work? I found this site nearly 3 years ago and told several of my female friends have been willing to try it.
  • So now women can write their names in the snow? That's so unfair. You take away the one thing that men do really well...
  • Monkeyfilter: Quality Coed Snow-writing Since 1997.