June 16, 2004

Roddy Lumsden's VitaminQ This man has a myriad ways with words and an amazing compilition of word lists at VitaminQ. He's a hot Scot who's a poet, a wicked punster, a man fascinated by trivia and by words and phrases that tickle the ear, and he runs one of the more delightful blogs online. Don't miss the archived stuff -- it's all juicy!
  • never trust glue The OCD in me is compelled to never leave his website, but at the same time I have trouble trusting someone so paranoid.
  • Good stuff, bees!
  • but what does this have to do with pee?
  • Good question> Seems more of a crap man, actually.
  • Great blog! And I like to think of its relevence as "minding your pees and Q's"...