June 15, 2004

Bembo's Zoo - Font Flash Alphabet Art (with sound). As always, 'X' is a bit lame. 'M', of course, rocks.
  • Very nice.
  • Oook oook! [Damn cool!]
  • Great find! Thanks!
  • Mad bannanas! )))
  • Fun is! Thanks Reuven!
  • Delightful! Made me feel like a pup again.
  • Good good!
  • I'm going to randomly interject that abecedary is a really cool word. And this is a rockin' abecedary!
  • as someone who is presently embarking upon the intimidating task of learning flash, I gotta say that is one of the nicer applications of said technology that I have seen in a while.
  • Lots of fun at the zoo! Thanks, Reuven.
  • Medusa- how are you learning Flash? I have searched for tutorials, but they all want money, and I am broke.
  • and, oh wow, small world, Reuven. )++ for a fellow alum :)
  • Nice to get such good feedback on my first post.Thanks all! InfraMonkey - nice word! And - alum of...? And what year?
  • Let's just say that your notes got me through more than one CS class :) /Oren