June 15, 2004

Feel-good site o' the day: "At do-gooder.org, we focus on short-term, measurable projects -- small projects that can be completed -- such as sending 500 books to a library that has been flooded, sending 600 pairs of mittens to orphans in Kazakhstan, sending art supplies to children in Bolivia, providing web design or other media services to a struggling rural cooperative, or volunteering to teach basic computer skills to women in Appalachia." It doesn't collect money, rather you send money or goods directly to each project.
  • (FWIW, i have not investigated this but it looks legit. it's registered to the person listed on the site.)
  • It *should* make me feel good, but instead I feel like a selfish shallow bastard. Dang. scapegoat, stat!
  • well, pete, pick a project and toss it some money! how about this one? Mittens for Kazakhstan The Goal: Send 600 pairs of warm winter mittens/gloves to orphans in Kazakhstan. wouldn't it feel good to keep a little kid's hands toasty warm? hmmm?
  • yeah it would - but why shouldn't I be looking in my own community? And what about this job I have to get money for toys?? Don't I deserve toys and beer and air-conditioning?? Don't get me wrong, it's a great link, a fine site, some excellent causes. I encourage all to help in any way they can (the Lakota school has a wish list on Amazon y'know- how easy is that).
  • dang. Looking at those little kids in Kazakhstan suddenly makes me feel so....privileged. *runs off to look for mittens in June* thanks, SideDish!
  • >>Don't I deserve toys and beer and air-conditioning?? that would be the site buycoolstuffforpetebest.org which is also a worthy cause, of course!! hee hee.
  • SideDish, thank you for posting this - this site ROCKS! c'mon pete_best - The more you share, the more will come back to you! It's good karma!
  • Thank you SideDish. When the Sierra Club or other worthy causes come knocking, I always feel like my $20 won't do anything to help. But here it may actually make a difference. Wait a sec, which pete_best gets the air-conditioning and which gets the beer?