June 15, 2004

Jesus is just alright with me... (last link NSFW if you start poking around beyond the main page)
  • As a proud "Witness for Christ", I personally believe that anyone who so much as comments in this thread should burn forevermore in hell.
  • Oh. Shit.
  • Hell's got all the good bands anyway.
  • Commenting here is only icing on the cake, especially after spending hours here.
  • "Repentence is futile": LOL shawnj. Beautiful. Love jesus swimming too. Mmm ... sacrilegious /Homer J
  • In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Goat. Ghost, sorry, Holy Ghost.
  • Quack. Quack.
  • What? No Buddy Christ? Blasphemy!
  • Buddy Christ was already posted... as was Hello Jesus. But they are in my personal collection of blaspheming sites. Kid... did you click him while he was swimming? Thers's some nice interactivity.
  • Yeah, I clicked that little bastard like it was going outta style.