June 15, 2004

Go Soundwave! Go Soundwave! It's your birthday! - Flash fun for this Not Friday
  • Who knew Decepticons could pop lock?
  • Excellent. Cheers.
  • I like how the time elapsed is shown to the thousandths place. What accuracy!
  • I like how the time elapsed is shown to the thousandths place. What accuracy! I would expect nothing less from robots in disguise.
  • Fantastic. Soundwave certainly alot more happenin' than in the series.
  • I saw this somewhere a few weeks ago, and if this were Metafilter, I'd likely be beating you people with phonebooks and dragging this kicking and screaming into Metatalk. Instead, though, I'll just watch the movie again. And laugh. Again. And then dance by myself in front of the hallway mirror. Only five more days until 80s night at the club. Only five more days...
  • So, these Decepticons, they do the robot?
  • Where did you see this before, Sacred and Profane?
  • Nevermind, I did a search and found it on Mefi on the 5th. Not where I found it since I only glance at the blue every few days.
  • Fun neat fun!. <analwebguy>Flash in delivery only. Wasn't actually animated Flash</analwebguy>
  • It was also on Gizmodo, shawnj, which is where I think I first saw it. I browse Metafilter as religiously as any insane lurker, but once in a while I accidentally stumble across some delightfully random website. That's what makes the internet so fun-- stumbling around! Like closing time downtown, you just never know what you'll find. Robots in disguise, puddles of vomit... who knows!?
  • Until your comment, I'd never heard of Gizmodo. I'll be a bit more careful then in the future.
  • Those aren't transformers. Now this is a transformer.