June 15, 2004

via BLORT, so you can just imagine. "Didn't know I could do that, did you?"
  • Best. Post. Of. The. Week.
  • I am so glad I didn't have a camcorder growing up. I use to do this exact sort of insane mix-tape cheerleading routine in my basement and I probably would have recorded one or two. Of course, I was eleven at the time.
  • Ya know, everyone I have met named travis has been more than capable of this sort of thing. Must be the name.
  • Never trust a cat named Bruce.
  • Never date a chick who has a mom named Bruno.
  • Never ever, bloody anything, ever.
  • Coulda been worse, He could have been dancing to, "Baby Got Back".
  • This is just as dreadful as the Scottish band of the same name. But funnier.
  • Mad_: Me too. Except I had more than an unhealthy fixation with Twisted Sister. I even have it on video (locked far, far away).
  • i wonder if people aren't just starting to do this to get on the internet? for their 15 minutes of internet fame?
  • I'm a little confused about his purpose, here. I speak, embarassingly enough, as a former cheerleader -- junior high, but it counts. We were competitive and shit. Some of this looks to be choreographed by real cheerleaders (particularly the bits where he bends over and kind of flips around on the floor. It looks like he's had some practice, too), but the transitions with the Robot are just silly and would probably never be included in any kind of tryout routine. I'm bewildered.
  • I feel ill.
  • Looks kinda like Matt Howie.