June 15, 2004

The International Necronautical Society “We, the First Committee of the International Necronautical Society, declare the following:- 1.That death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit.

2. That there is no beauty without death, its immanence. We shall sing death's beauty - that is, beauty. 3. That we shall take it upon us, as our task, to bring death out into the world. We will chart all its forms and media: in literature and art, where it is most apparent; also in science and culture, where it lurks submerged but no less potent for the obfuscation… Our very bodies are no more than vehicles carrying us ineluctably towards death. We are all necronauts, always, already. 4. Our ultimate aim shall be the construction of a craft that will convey us into death in such a way that we may, if not live, then at least persist… Let us deliver ourselves over utterly to death, not in desperation but rigorously, creatively, eyes and mouths wide open so that they may be filled from the deep wells of the Unknown.” I love the Map.

  • At first I thought this might be a goth thing, but now I think it's a loon thing. Death Day on MoFi.
  • At first I thought "colonise" was a British thing, but the online OED doesn't know it either. /puts on an industrial strength buttplug
  • /puts on an industrial strength buttplug I don't think you need it just yet. So long as you make very sure that in your will, you make it very clear that your butt be plugged upon death, you should be fine.
  • 6.43II Death is not an event of life. Death is not lived through. -- Wittgenstein
  • Wait, wait, wait! What does butt-plugging have to do with anything?
  • "Our ultimate aim shall be the construction of a craft that will convey us into death Hyundai beat them to it
  • "Wait, wait, wait! What does butt-plugging have to do with anything?" If you have to ask this, then explaining it is pointless.
  • The Society's name is well chosen. I shall sleep easy knowing that the purveyors of the two certain things in life have a common acronym -- it should make future mergers easy even!
  • Monkeyfilter: Explaining it is pointless. That was better than a comment about a pointless buttplug. dang! *slaps forehead Argh: Best. Comment. In. Post.
  • Err, cancel that. I can never keep these American acronyms straight. IRS != INS (or are they?)
  • Don't we all secretly write lists of hot dead people we'd like to colonize? Am I in the right thread?
  • Shit, I could have made this a joke about the new Morrissey and Cure albums, couldn't I? If only I could harness the power of death to go back in time and become full of wit and delight!
  • I second BlueHorse.
  • "Read literally, the INS manifesto sounds more like a crackpot offshoot of the Society for Psychical Research, or the latest announcement from the Extropian movement, but such a straightforward interpretation only places unwanted and unnecessary restrictions on the project, limiting its otherwise almost limitless scope." I know I'm going to be using that paragraph again - I can justify almost anything!
  • i heart the fortean times, where that article ran. check it out.
  • Wait, so this is where the INS deports people? So "we're sending you home" is just an ominous euphemism? Renew those visas, people. Unless you want to meet Queequeq that badly.
  • You think the U.S. INS will start investigating this INS if they illegally colonise, well... Okay, I'll stop right there.