April 12, 2004

iBooks in many colors. The tronBook may be old news, but it has helped to set off a wave of iBook modifications, all very pleasing to the eye.

Some have gone out of their way to post instructions, and ColorWare will even do it for you. Is this movement a worthy successor to the Japanese cult of the PowerBook 2400? Also, because I couldn't find any way to fit them in with the rest of the post, here's an oldish story about someone who built a case out of Legos for his PowerBook 5300, and here's someone else who painted his Wallstreet PowerBook G3 a nice cherry red.

  • These are great. There are times when I think I'm Too Geek and then, when I read things like this, I feel I'm Not Geek Enough. Are there any iPod mods being done that you've heard of?
  • Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder... But I really do like the pink one. Maybe because it's so well done, and looks like it could've come out of the Apple factory like that.
  • certainsome1: ColorWare does iPods too, but I haven't seen any independent iPod paint jobs. Anyone else seen any? I'd like to know as well.
  • sweet. would combine well with this
  • Perhaps this is where I should give a warning: Do not polish the plastic of your VAIO laptop lid with a Dremel. Does anyone know where I can find VAIO purpleish-silver paint?
  • Actually - I was thinking of posting something about laptop covers as a Curious George. I bought this laptop that I really like, especially at the price, but it does have a fault of having as easily scuffed or marked top surface. Is there anything I can do for a silver semi-matte metal laptop cover to make it look a little newer?
  • jb
  • OK, I knew that wouldn't work, but the big payoffs are from the against-all-odds bets, aren't they? *quietly buries cunning plan*
  • My secret is that I've been suffering from stress/insomnia - the filter is both relaxing, but also interesting enough to exacerbate the insomnia. Also, I am actually a small green toad.