April 12, 2004

America in Caricature 1765-1865. Political cartoons.
  • Gasp! You mean people used to made fun of Presidents without being called traitors?!? /sarcasm
  • Actually they were not only called traitors, they were prosecuted for it. Gotta' love the way we mythologize our own past. When Michael Moore is shipped off to a concentration camp, we'll talk. I did like the Lincoln cartoons, though. People would've been calling him Hitler during his time if the metaphor would have existed. I think that and then I feel better about our current Red/Blue division. Then I remember we were in a civil war then and my sphincter clenches ever so slightly.
  • I knew that levi, that's why I included the sarcasm tag. And when you remember that most of the "Blue States" are over 40% "Red", and vice-versa, you can unclench slightly. We will have neighborhood-vs-neighborhood warfare long before we have state-vs-state. Okay, maybe that doesn't help...