April 12, 2004

National Budget Simulator - Fix the economy for free.
  • Hehe, it's funny how when you eliminate corporate tax breaks, Bush's tax cuts, and the Iraq war, you can actually afford to up spending on Health, Education, Foreign Affairs and still get rid of the deficit. Hehe....funny.....sniff
  • Yeah, I got a huge surplus too. And I did it without dropping any spending in military, the war, welfare, or job training. I just killed Social Security and dropped 70% of Medicare. Anybody can balance this budget. There needs to be a component of this thing that shows how far your voting base would drop. Genial, for instance, would lose the security minded among us, while I wouldn't get a single old fart to vote for me.
  • interesting. thanks for the link, f8x...
  • My libertarian tendencies generated a $700B surplus. The results page called this an "oops" and suggested that unless I increased spending somewhere or refunded the surplus, the country could end up in a recession. So I have a golden opportunity to give money back to hard-working taxpaying Americans, cut taxes dramatically, and get re-elected in a landslide. Hmm. Great link, f8xmulder! If only it were this easy.
  • Definitely try the long version, as that allows you to better fine-tune benfits and find out how eliminating certain portions of the tax cuts adds up. Hard to _not_ generate surpluses when you're not afraid of being voted out of office. (-:
  • It's a fascinating game, and one I will play many times. I hope that future versions are able to project savings that result from spending increases in certain areas and losses that would result from decreasing spending in others.
  • That was really great. I still ended up with a deficit, but that might be because I didn't cut enough military spending. Back to the drawing board for me... Great link. Its nice to be able to see the practical effects of spending gov't money.
  • Must listen to Karl Rove. Economy is good. Move along now.