April 12, 2004

Tom Waits Live. I know some of y'all are Tom Waits fans, so here are some mp3s of his Live Shows.
  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!
  • woo yay
  • )))))
  • Thanks!
  • You're a thoughtful monky sciurus. Thanks!!!
  • I've got work to do, dammit. We should invite Tom Waits to join Monkeyfilter. And Jim Loy. We could strip them down to loincloths, and make them fight, and take bets on the outcome.
  • Put me down for $20 on Waits
  • monkey invite : Warren Ellis, just for simian synergy.
  • Nice stuff. Right into the blog it goes. dere was a murdah in de RED barn RED barn RED barn
  • I know where Warren Ellis lives. Maybe I'll put an invite through his door.
  • [banana]
  • I had this bookmarked for awhile now. Great version of Sea of Love.
  • Some of these tracks are gonna get some blog loving next week. Not this week though. This week is all Horns. Then again maybe I should listen for a good horn fill in one of these. Naah. I've got this week planned already.
  • In honor of this post I'm going to chain smoke and drink a bottle of whiskey, cheap whiskey.
  • New Tom Waits album due out in October. Seems like he's caught his second wind on studio releases. And, for you lucky Euromonkeys, he's touring again. Dammit, when will the bastard tour the US again?