April 12, 2004

Do Senators have a sense of humor? Posing as a ten-year-old boy, these guys wrote in to each of the senators asking for their favorite joke. Find out now which senator is the funniest. Perhaps it may even swing your vote?
  • Rather enjoyed Senator Ben Nelson's, among others. An amusing link, genial, thank you.
  • In Soviet Russia, senators' jokes are on you! Gotta love Santorum's reply, though. What a tard. And, here's what Dan Savage had to say about it: Thanks for sharing, DAS. Of course the Senator is dull and insipid -- anyone who walks around with his ass clenched as tightly as ol' Rick's butt is bound to be too distracted to enjoy or remember a good joke. You actually have to release muscles in your lower body when you laugh -- including some butt muscles, which is why some people cut one when they laugh. This Rick is constitutionally incapable of doing.
    (via SpreadingSantorum.com)
  • Don't you mean "What a turd?" Wonder what kind of mind would deem it necessary to state that he enjoys laughing.
  • "Although a favorite joke doesn't immediately come to mind, I do enjoy laughing. You know. The rancorous cackles of unadulterated evil."
  • America's Unfunniest Senators Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) Color me shocked.
  • Richard Lugar should be added to the Unfunniest list as well. He spoke at my commencement and a lot of parents were leaving because he was so boring. He didn't crack a joke, smile or address the graduating class at all. Instead he spoke on foreign policy for an hour.
  • Richard Lugar may be the best president we'll never have. *sob*
  • I hate laughing! Don't make me laugh! I'll cut you! *nervous twitch*
  • Rick Santorum's name is funny.