April 12, 2004

Dog finds significant other cheating with other dog and goes to commit suicide on the Expressway.

What language is that on the expressway sign?

  • Cambodian?
  • Thai?
  • Did everyone catch the Mercedes plug? All in all, a beautiful work of cinema.
  • Mercedes plug? You didn't have to spoil the whole story for us in the title, Korou.
  • Ah, whoops, sorry about that... I tend to do that with movies and things of the such.
  • [this post brought to you by Six Flags over Texas]
  • why did korou apologise for weezel's comment? although, korou, i do the same thing as well.
  • I know this sounds stupid, but all I could think of was how on earth did the trainer get the poodle to lie so obediently while getting drooled on by some overweight bulldog? *scratch head*
  • Heh. I liked it.
  • Hmm. I can imagine the discussions in the ad agency that led to this: --so, we have this guy trying to commit suicide, but the tires save him... --my, god, man, that's sick! --yeah, you're right... I know, we'll do it with dogs, then it'll be funny.
  • It's Thai, Korou.
  • Alnedra, I'm sure dogs lust as well.
  • Gyan, yeah, but you know... there's a reason why it's called "doggy-style".
  • On second thought, never mind. Let's get off that track.
  • Alnedra, I was thinking the same thing. Almost anyway. I was wondering what dogs call it when they do it in the position shown in the commercial. Person-style? Probably something more along the lines of "grrr! grrr! bark!" or "bark! grrr! bark!"
  • *stuffs fingers in ears and starts singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at the top of her voice*
  • The link has been Monkeyfiltered. Anyone have a backup?
  • I think we should adopt the term "monkeyed" for overloaded links - it sounds cool.
  • Wow, stringbean has just posted this to MeFi, describing it as a beautiful work of cinema. Coincidence?
  • More outrageous pet advertising (video at bottom) Has this been posted yet or did I just waste a perfectly good FPP?
  • That video was both depressing and icky. Is it... viral? At any rate, ripping off MoFi threads is *so* ghetto!
  • I kept waiting for the final shot of the passengers shooting through the windshield after going from 60 to 0 in about 5 feet.
  • In beautiful slow motion, I expect, Strawberry.
  • And after that, there's no help for it but to play Handel's Messiah while the bodies come flying out of the shattered windscreen, limbs flailing in deceptive grace.