April 12, 2004

Make Yer Own Prison Hooch! The screws call it Pruno, but pour this zesty number into a Baccarat highball glass and you got yer instant "Martha Stewart Cocktail"... Via our pals at BlackTable.com
  • This will be the "it" drink in Soho in 3 weeks, just watch... Although I'd love to call it "The Cheyney" (for obvious reasons), I guess I'll have to settle for "Enron Joy Juice"...
  • I remember reading about that awful drink when visiting this site courtesy of this post. I think I'll just stick to beer, thankyaverymuch
  • dang--doubleposting tastes worst than Pruno, I bet. i was away far too long...
  • (I forgot to mention, genial-- you kind way of calling out my doublepost was a textbook example of gracious civility-- would that my dentist was that painless...!)
  • ah....brew! they make it sound as if it is an exclusive recipe. i spent enough time on the 'inside' to encounter many a brew.....made from potato peelings up through raisens and even beer, made, literally, in a garbage can inside the wall. if it will forment, then it's fair game. when one has a lot of time to think about drinking...well, then a lot of thought goes into it. the first time i smelled this stuff was when interviewing a con in the warden's courtroom where there was a mash waiting and the guard was nice enough to stir it for me when i entered the room! gross! however that batch had been seized early in the process and hadn't mellowed for the appropriate amount of time. usually each range will have their own 'brew-master', responsible for all, with his brew's quality helping to establish status for the range. each brew is rated by their own index and on such occassions as xmas and new year's is basically overlooked unless things get too rowdy. i have to admit though, i never partook of any. *sigh of regret*
  • Ah, wasn't really trying to callout a double-post, as mine was only a comment-post and I find that disgusting recipe well worth a FPP. But yes, you were away far too long, welcome back. :)
  • singleposting is for frickin sissies!
  • It's not a double post if it appeared previously in the comment. A comment is a comment, an FPP is an FPP!
  • And a horse is a horse, of course of course! I really need sleep
  • I still think genial was being exceptionally adept in his gentle and mannerly reminder. Dammit.
  • It's in his name, afterall.