April 12, 2004

Japanese Movie Posters for each of Akira Kurosawa's films.

The Akira Kurosawa Database. BFI celebration of Akira Kurosawa.

  • Delicious post, dng; ...the sweetness of "To Live" and the garishness (that open mouthed woman's face haunts me) of "Rashomon" are my faves. Where can I buy (a repro of ) these? Anyone?
  • Awesome post. Not to snark, but there is no linked poster for Dreams.... A year ago there was a tour of new prints of a dozen or so of his films, mostly those starring Mifune. I wouldn't mind if they came back. It's hard to choose from the 10+ Kurosawa films I love, but I think Red beard is my favorite (unless Ran is or course). Although if I could only have one Kurosawa "genre" it wouldn't be samurai, it'd be his post-war humanist films like Stray dog and Drunken angel. (or, as the link says, Dranken)
  • excellent find. I'm a kurosawa freak and then some. Newbs should try 7 Samurai, Kumonoso-Jo (Throne of Blood), Ikiru(To live), Yojimbo and Rashomon; probably the most accessible and creamiest of his crop.
  • How about some Mizoguchi?
  • Mmmmm.... Ikiru. God I love that movie.
  • I just saw Dreams last night (only saw bits of it before) so I was bummed that they don't have that link, but some of those Mifune posters would be very nice--coming soon on a wall near you. Sending the link to my brother who's a bigger Kurosawa freak. Thanks dng!
  • drat. i do so enjoy cinema. i like movies and films and all too, but kurosawa is cinema. unfortunately my wife isn't as much of a movie freak, she likes most films but (a) isn't much for subtitles and (b) can only handle so many black'n'white or foreign films per month. (i've had a whole pile of bogart films on my netflix rental list for a while, and she keeps moving them down to the bottom... made me watch maltese falcon by myself!). didn't get the pleasure of watching kurosawa until my friend came up specifically for a movie night; we rented a bunch of stuff she wouldn't watch, made her watch most of it, and generally had a good time. although she left the room and went to bed when we put in seven samurai. the movie thing isn't so bad in the long run though, she makes up for it - she has really very good taste in music. i have way too many friends/relatives who are forced to suffer through unlistenable crap by their significant other. no spice girls/mariah/whitney//celine in our CD cabinet, that's fer damn sure.
  • Wow dng - have just this second finished watching Sanjuro. Didn't lmow we had this in the archives. Thanks!
  • I'll be likely watching "Samurai I" tonight.
  • Kurosawa films are something that I know I would really enjoy, and really want to see more of (I've only seen parts of Dreams which stunned me), but never seem to have the right time/mood/access. So if anyone in the New Haven, CT area wants to start a Kurosawa watching group, I would be totally game :)
  • Jb- I am so down. Have you been to Best Video in Hamden? I think they literally have every Kurasawa film. It's pretty insane. But I own Rashomon, Ran, and Seven Samurai on dvd, which would be a pretty good jumping off point. Drop me an email, maybe we can fit something into my always ridiculously busy schedule.