April 12, 2004

Curious, George Has anyone else noticed this?

Here in Chicago our local CBS affiliate radio station has been broadcasting some seriously pro-Bush items disguised as news. For example, this morning they broadcasted a story about a staffer at the White House who was answering e-mail about Ms. Rice and her testimony about 9-11. The story went on to tell how a staffer (who was dealing with the overwhelming amount of e-mails they were receiving) got an e-mail from a child who was complaining about nap time at school. The staffer sent the child an e-mail back say "We wish we had a nap time here every now and then". Is this news? The very next story was about gas prices and how it's "really not that bad of an increase in price" . I felt like I was listening to a Bush press release instead of the "news". Has anyone else noticed this happening with CBS stations where you live? Is this fallout from the Janet Jackson incident? I smell a rat. Do I need a tinfoil hat?

  • Argh, this way, please. We won't hurt you, I promise.
  • it's the weekend. generally stations run fluffier stuff for lack of harder news. that's probably it.
  • Hard news takes a lot of effort and many people don't want to hear bad news. Most news outlets are commercial enterprises. That entails a bias towards entertainment, rather than investigation. Rocking the boat when your income depends on maintaining a bland, marketable homogeneity encourages fluff pieces. Bearers of news that rocks people's faith in their institutions face tremendous pressure. A gaggle of enraged movement types can make life hell for them. Speaking truth to power is only for the brave and/or financially secure.
  • generally stations run fluffier stuff for lack of harder news. Yeah, when it's Sunday in Australia, apparently nothing except sport happens. Anywhere.
  • not only in australia. i can hear a hockey game on the television from the next room. and he doesn't even like sports. everybody 'plays' on sundays, it seems.
  • This may or may not be the case here, but the Medicare "news story" was an example of a Video News Release, quite the rage in PR these days.
  • Plus, it was Easter weekend. Very little happened over the weekend, I suppose.
  • Although my buddy Mel said some Jewish guy got killed and came back to life. I said: Dude, that sounds like a hollywood film!
  • Looks like CBS won a Jefferson Muzzle Award. How appropriate.