April 11, 2004

  • Seen it before and that is OK-- I wish every network, every daily, every blog had a little box at the bottom of the field running these numbers. And the links section is especially good. Smart and timely post for this Easer Sunday, JohnR!
  • i'm quite sure there is one of those little counters on my bank account....except it runs in unpredictable and oscillating patterns. those are big, very scary numbers, johnr.
  • My old man works as a simple servant feeding at the public trough of the DOD. /sarcasm He's got two years to retire, and every day he comes home muttering about how he shoulda got a real job in the public sector, instead of wanting to do a "civil service". Ya wanna hear some stories about DOD fraud, waste and abuse that never get reported because they're too "insignificant" to be worried about? (under a couple mill) Investigators don't want to be bothered with the petty stuff, they're swamped for the next 60 years investigating the "real thing". *shakes head, mutters, tears up a few more $20 bills
  • ain't it the truth, bluehorse. i worked for the government for twenty-five years and one only hears about the waste that can't be explained away........ the vast amount of waste is somehow justified by fancy words and footsteps and thus no one looks closely enough at where and why the dollars went.
  • Just stumbled upon this. $117 billion and rising. *wonders what it was back on April 11* *head explodes*