April 11, 2004

Ashcroft's Naked Face "Graphic" response to Ashcroft's questionable focus on the Terror of pr0n... (NSFW, depending on the size of your monitor).

Not being content to hide the unclothed Spirit of Justice figure at the Department of Justice (as one writer observed, even with the drapes, there's still one big boob at the DOJ), John Ashcroft and his minions are now more interested in finding pr0n than terrarists. The absurdity of this priority has been graphically depicted with yin-yang symmetry in this image... a mosaic portrait of Ashcroft made from the photos of tiny naked ladies.

  • Ashcroft is a dumb fucking asshole. Incompetent, ignorant, probably mentally ill. He is quite the symbol of Amerikkka's malaise. You say you want a revolution?
  • Bush is an asshole This is a Rumsfeld mosaic that I found very moving
  • This is... extremely impressive. Wow.
  • genial- Michael Moore has a similar one too on his homepage [photo courtesy of American Leftist]
  • Captain: I salute you! Git'Monkey: I'd laugh, but I'm too busy weeping. Waddaya wanna bet if they put Ashcroft on the Perv-o-meter he'd register off the scale as a lying, hypocritical snake? I firmly believe he's just one of those wankers that hasn't been caught with his knickers down. We can only anticipate. /bitter