April 11, 2004

JESUS F***ING ROCKS -happy Easter Xtian monkeys.
  • Weak.
  • The above link "CAPTAIN PSYKO" is probably going to offend some members of mofi. I also tried the link at the bottom of the page you linked to...........wise-up!.......There is nothing funny about racism!!!
  • Myeh, I thought it was pretty funny.
  • i can't say it was hilarious in my view, but it would require a certain sensitivity to define this as overly racisct. are martians offended by this?
  • I want to see "funny" ones for Ramadan and Passover.
  • Jesus wouldn't use the blink tag.
  • Martians? They are the worse! Hate em. Coming here to earth and taking our jobs and shit. Fucking martians.
  • OMG....let's hope this post doesn't offend any martians! / looking anxiously overhead and behind trees!
  • No sinning n00bie! HAHAHA FUCK U SINNER HAHAHA EAT SOME FUCKING LASERS AND JUSTICE Dear, sweet Jehosephat: I can't wait to use these lines on somebody :)
  • I LOVED it. If you don't think that's funny, take the stuck out of your butt. Reminicent of this classic.
  • The above link "CAPTAIN PSYKO" is probably going to offend some members of mofi. Hey, here's a comment that definitely offended some members of MeFi! But that's different, isn't it?
  • Wow. 160 pages of Real Ultimate power?
  • So ... would anyone here like to eat some fucking lasers and justice? They're fresh!
  • How fresh are they?
  • It just feels like a ripoff of this to me... I think that was posted here somewhere, but I can't remember.
  • Except that the link I posted is over a year old. Really. I saw it last year at this time, and merely thought it to be the proper season to dig it up from the vault. So if anything Shotsy, the AICN piece should remind you of my link!
  • Sorry Cap'n. Should have looked more closely.