April 11, 2004

There Are No Plain M&M's Collectors; They're ALL Nuts! Just in time for Easter, a bunch of chocolate fetishists discuss their relations with candies who pretend to talk.
  • These guys collect candy; my best friend's mother has over 400 Scotty dog figurines and has named each one. She built a special "wing' onto her house just so they could all be together. It just seems to be hard-wired into our brains: collect, label, collate, enjoy. Any monkeys collect out-of-the-ordinary stuff that you'd like to share?
  • When I was a kid, I collected Mcdonalds toys. I lost interest eventually. Nowadays, I collect dust - it requires some special skills, but they're not too difficult to learn. The key is to be as sedentary as possible. Minimal movement is critical for the avid dust collector.
  • i'm with you, Captain Psyko. the art of collecting dust requires finesse.....but i have also perfected the accumulation of cobwebs. this is even easier.....just don't look up! poor eyesight helps tremendously in this pursuit.
  • Or respect for spiders.
  • 1999 2000 2002 2003 It's neat to see how the group has grown so quickly in just a few years, as the convention photos show. (2001 requires a plugin, so I didn't post those pics.)
  • i collect music and comics and creature from the black lagoon paraphenalia and social diseases. and pink slips.
  • I collect donkey salt and pepper shakers-funky donkeys, not cute. Gotta be funky for this Monkey. Forks, remind me to wash after shaking your hand. Thankx
  • i have no respect for spiders! i call in the big guy to exterminate any foolish enough to enter my blurred and limited range of vision. those little ones escape with impunity until big enough to be visible in the sink.
  • Re spider exterminations, dxlifer, I was thinking of Albert Schweitzer, who suffered a moment of enlightenment many years ago which he summed up as 'respect for living beings!' if I recall correctly.
  • ah....but since i provide the ideal environment for all these propagating spiders, i should have the power to take away what i giveth. isn't that a christian ideal? it's those great big ones i can't handle.
  • p. s. i can't get into that schweitzer link.