April 10, 2004

Bush Loosing National Security Bush is loosing national security as an issue to run on in the election.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Six out of 10 Americans say the Bush administration underestimated the threat of terrorism prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and nearly two out of three are at least somewhat concerned Iraq could become another Vietnam, according to a Newsweek Poll released on Saturday.
My question for the monkeys. If this thrend maintains until November than what will Bush run on (bsides going negative on Kerry).
  • 2 words for ya Sully. Culture. War.
  • i hate polls. really. think it should be made illegal to post the standard "who's winning" results on election night until after ALL polls are closed. all too often it seems that folks on the west coast will base their vote based on projected winners from results out east - piling on a bandwagon or pulling for the undedog. not to mention that i find it obnoxious to give us up-to-the-minute results, predicting winners when only something like 5% of precincts have reported, just to have it go the other way or into an undecided spin five minutes later...
  • The democrats are slowly losing ground on the economic front as each new report of "Jobs on the Rise" comes out. It's possible by November arguing about a loss of jobs might not be as great an offense as it was 1 year ago.
  • Not to mention when all the issues are against Bush, he can always rely on lying to the people. I mean, Kerry hasn't so much as countered the gas tax issue and yet it's a NONISSUE. I don't understand why Kerry won't come forward with the evidence of Cheney voting to raise gas taxes and the proof that Kerry himself never did. When it comes to counterattacks I wish Kerry was stronger.
  • This man should be President. However, I think this picture would haunt him during the election (NSFW and female monkeys will be overcome by desire).
  • Oh. My. God. *cowers* make the bad image links go away!
  • The man that I believe should be President has been discussed before in this thread.
  • genial, has Bush or Kerry written a song as cool as "Motor Away"? I think not.
  • Those buttocks look very presidential.
  • I'm sure that after the 2000 debacle the networks will refrain from releasing any exit polls until after voting stops in CA. It seems to me that even in the midterm elections, they didn't release information on the state races until the state polls closed. I remember this because I had to keep checking Drudge at the time since he was, of course, releasing information that the networks were not.
  • perhaps bush will run on that cute three-wheeler thing he toppled off earlier.....he must have figured it out by now. i'm sure he can afford the gas.
  • Who is this Bush you speak of?
  • He is the man who will put a stop to immoral activities.
  • Loosing?
  • He is the man who will put a stop to immoral activities. Oral sex is illegal in America? Dear fucking God. Its one of those times again.
  • i think anything other than missionary between married and hetero couples, over the age of consent, is illegal in america now, isn't it? one isn't even allowed to talk about it in graphic terms. violence...not love is more socially acceptable.
  • The Texas sodomy law was overturned by the Supreme Court. The Virginia case won't get very far. The minority who have this deep seated need to regulate sexuality are out of step with the rest of the country. These crazy laws are only kept on the books in order to make sure everyone participates in some activity that can get them dragged into court.
  • We are constantly on trial It's a way to be free