April 10, 2004

The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon.

I was amazed, amazed, I tell you, to find out this had never popped up here or on metafilter (it's made the rounds, but I'm posting it just in case, because I think everyone in the world should see it). Remember all those Paul-buriers? This puts them to shame. Absolute shame.

  • Well, he can't be too far off. I'm sure someone's girlfriend is in a coma somewhere. I know it's probably serious too.
  • interesting as an example of how anything can be "proven" if one looks hard enough for coincidences and ignores all inconsistencies!
  • Hey, all those black-ops units must get their mission plans from somewhere, don't they? (^_~)
  • This webpage has been highlighted in one national British newspaper, (THE MIRROR, January 17, 2001), and in one international magazine, (THE FORTEAN TIMES, April 2001 and June 2001). That's a far cry from the global reaction I anticipated. And that's all I've got to say about that.
  • I posted a link to that site on memepool on 6 Feb 2002 (not dissing the link of course, it is appropriate to give it some attention now that Morrissey is surging back). An interesting read. In my memepool post I also referred to the music quirk stories of the Stone Roses "conspiracy" One Love Story (old testament, new testament and reasons to believe OLS) and the Dark Side of the Rainbow Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz connection. Nutters, but I enjoy reading that kind of stuff. Should have a "for entertainment purposes only" sticker on it.
  • Regardless of how over the top the site is, it is indisputable that "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" should have been played at the funeral. It was certainly more appropriate than that weepy Elton John song. gspm> "now that Morrissey is surging back" What's that all about? I haven't bought anything of his since he released the self-parodying "Yes, I Am Blind." Is the recent stuff actually better?
  • This puts the gaga into Google, doesn't it?
  • Let me give you the credit, gspm, just to be safe. I found this somewhere in my favorites list, and memepool's probably where I got it in the first place.
  • I absolutely believe everything on that site. Passionately. & I say that w/ zero sarcasm.
  • ( don't want any credit, sorry how that came out. information wants to be free! ) Morrissey IS coming back if his press coverage ahead of his new LP and tourdates is any indicated. Don't know if the new material is any good but I am sure to many people that does not matter.