April 10, 2004

The Hug That Never Ends Short fiction piece which seems like a build-up to some zombie scenario, but it's more disturbing than that. He's got more writing on his site, ranging from non-fiction to the most NSFW cheap porn. IMHO, none of the other pieces stand up to The Hug.
  • This is so. bizarre. Nice find, though.
  • Interesting. Nice stuff, though the anti-consumerist thing was laid on a little thick, I felt. *kinda semi-spoiler if you haven't read the thang yet* Anybody remember a Gary Larson cartoon with an eyeball lying on a therapist's couch, being told that it had a lot of anger to work out?...
  • Great idea, very nicely expressed, although I wish it was written just a little better. Something about the writing style was somewhat awkward.
  • I found the writing quite good - less awkward than "Brookback mountain" which is by a published writer? Not as affecting, but I think that is largely due to the subject matter (never hurts to start with a tearjerker subject - I was once in one of the worst written plays ever, but it was about children in the Holocaust. It worked - kind of...sorry, didn't mean to Godwin, but it really was about that, Austrian teenagers to be exact. I would never have made that up.)
  • Reminds me a Roald Dahl short story where this chap had terminal cancer and they took his brain out with one eyeball. Let's say he wished he had been better to his wife before that.
  • Oh - the Roald Dahl is much better - that whole collection is brilliant and spine-chilling.