April 10, 2004

Heart of the Beast MayDay parade It
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  • Hey all, me again, Heres some linkage I found around the web about this: (scroll down) http://www.tc.umn.edu/~deva0019/MayDay2003/MayDay2003.htm Nice gallery of last year's parade http://pegkerr.livejournal.com/2002/05/05/- live journal entry about 2002's parade http://www.tcinternet.net/users/scottcl/HOTBDir/Mayday98.html- gallery of 1998 parade
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  • It looks a lot like the kind of street art that bread and puppet did and still do to a smaller extent. That was the high point of summer for me, I can see why your excited for this mayday. It's cool to watch people get up in papier-mache and have a little fun...
  • Bread and Puppet sounds like a cool group, the Artistic director of Heart of the Beast used to work with them a lot, too bad they cancelled the big Domestic Resurrection Circus and Pageant, because that was amazingly neat.
  • The Beltane Fire Festival looks like fun too.