April 10, 2004

Spontaneous and Unexplained Fires. Despite CNN reporting this on April 1st, it appears to have some validity. Could this be part of the the Gay Apocalypse recently discussed on MeFi? Maybe it is The End of the World. via nielgaiman.com.
  • I don't know, but I love that last link.
  • (The End of the World link, not nielgaiman.com, although that's nifty too.)
  • I'm gonna pass the gay apocalypse link onto everyone I know. It condenses everything that's right about the anti-anti-gay movement into one easily-digestable morsel.
  • Obviously the terrorists have sabotaged these people's home appliances because of Italy's role in the war on terrorâ„¢. Actually odds are that there's something wrong with regulating the electrical current going into these people's homes --since they are on the same line, everyone in town is susceptable. But that is a less exciting explanation.
  • Actually, birdherder, they tried disconnecting the power to the town. No good. They hooked up a generator for the town's power. That went up in flames too. It's all in the article.
  • Some possible explanations. I was going to post this but forgot completely. Thanks Weezel, and... [banana]
  • Thanks Weezel, for a hot mystery.
  • Confession: I started these fires using the only the power of my mind. It wasn't really that hard, either.
  • Dammit, Fes, you ruined my post! Way to kill the mystery for everybody. Jeez, some people... ......hey, could you light my cigarette for me?
  • *narrows eyes in concentration* Wha, is that a menthol??
  • Maybe it's a sign of the new Jedi Mind Mafia.
  • thanks for clarifying weezel. then i stand behind my terrah-ist theory. the al qaida are using fes' firestarting powers. then again, where is drew barrymore?
  • It was gay Al Qaeda terrorists and their fearsome power of pyrokinesis.
  • Fractal, that's wacky. Teens For Satan, indeed. Usefully, however, she's published instructions on replacing or repairing one of our more fecund contributors, should some accident befall him.