April 09, 2004

Keystone Cops When in doubt: throw the man who called 911 to the ground and shoot his dog.
  • The damn dog was drooling! Drooling, I tell you. Think what that can do to the creases in a pair of blue uniform pants. D*mnit, sometimes ya gotta wonder about the collective IQ in the PDs across our grand nation. Ya think he'll even get an apology? GramMa's skeptical.
  • Ya, great name. I can just see the slobbering ol' pudgy ugly-puss lumbering out to see "wazup?". And the idiots shot him. Bet his owner cried. I woulda.
  • That is so messed up. I blame those fuckers at Warner Brothers, always casting the heavy as a bulldog. The young policeman must have had too many Bugs Bunny cartoons as a child.
  • Poor dog. Poor guy! Who would kill a dog named "Sir Chillin Dillon"?! And who in their right minds is afraid of a bulldog (and a fat one at that)? I agree with BlueHorse - the collective IQ among those guys couldn't have been more than 10. And, on reading the article, I don't think he'll get an apology. I like your theory, goetter!
  • I guess something had to make me stop laughing about that poor easter bunny...
  • Slightly related story that just got reported yesterday in my area; Good Samaritan called in to report a house fire but reported the address as 'avenue' instead of 'street'. Everyone showed up at the wrong address, fifty-some blocks away. Fifteen minutes later, they figured it out and by the time they got to the right address it was a total and complete loss, including surrounding cars. Investigation has begun to find out if it was in fact the Good Samaritan or the dispatcher who misspoke. All because of one word.