April 09, 2004

For our Christian Monkey pals around the world, we present: The Easter Bunny Rap! Heh.
  • Really, wouldn't the world be better off without this creation? Nice find, SideDish.
  • From the url, I thougt this was going to be fairly obscene: rapeasterbunny.swf
  • No banana, because this deserves a shower of chocolate eggs, SideDish. Wunderbar! Dng: You have a dirty mind. But we loves you anyway!
  • SNAP, dng - me too! Buy me a Coke.
  • I said Je-sus, Ma-ry and Joseph didn't sin, (say what?) but if your Christ starts acting up then we'll nail him up again. (say what?)
  • [bass: Chic, Good Times] Check it out, I'm the E-m-m-an'-the-u-e-l and the rest is ben Josef, You see I go by the code of the Son of God and I am most def'nitely def You see, I'm five foot one and I'm tons of fun and I got nailed to a T, You see I got more scars than Mike Tyson and they ain't from carpentry
  • (lets kick this) I said a heal up, the lepers, the lenders in my father's big house you GOTTA stop the schlock and to the bad bad Judas said Iscariot's the lewdest of the boys of the Jiggity C. Now what you hear has all been blessed by Yahweh, he's my dad. And if you nail me to a cross he'll sure be awful mad. See I am Jesus Christ and I'd like to say "Shalom" To the slaves to the Romans, the Greeks and the Nubians, the gentile and Hebrew, but first I oughtta Make wine, the grapey to the grapey say bring me the water get drunk like you oughta Let's pray Just once a day Five times to Mecca is just so gay. Well my voice is the word of god but I got twelve disciples too. And next on the mike is my man John, just listen to him preach for you: (Next?)
  • More excerpts from the Sugarhill 12-inch single Easter's Delight Well it's John and John and John and John My preachin' don't stop 'til the break of dawn I said J-e-e, B-u-s, a C with a double E I said he'll go by the unforgettable name of the man they call Jesus C. Well his name'll be known all over the world By all the Pharisees and the pretty girls I'm going down in history As the baddest prophet there ever could be Now I'm preachin' the highs and you're feelin' the lows The beat starts gettin into your toes You start poppin your fingers and shaking your can And dunking your head in the dirty Jordan And then damn! He's from Galilee I said damn! He's onto me Then I see a dove flyin' in the air Time to find a new hustle, it just ain't fair Like the prophet John eatin' bugs and honey Like a camel and a needle and a man with money Like a rainy day for forty nights Like a desert fiend standin' in plain sight Like beatitudes that do not scan Like the blessed to the blessed without the blessed man Like bread and fish that don't taste good Like a cross that's not made out of wood Like staying dead on the third night Is just like a shroud bleached Clorox white /hears his non-given-up day job calling
  • I'm so tempted to do this all the way through, but I think only you and me would dig it, G. The Lois Lane bit screams for some Mary action, though. If you wanna cut this track g, lemme know.
  • Yeah, that and the Ecclesiastes bit. Forky, it absolutely breaks my heart that you and I are the only Sugarhill fans here. Or at least, the only poetaster Sugarhill fans. She said, damn fly guy, I'm in love with you The messiah legend must have been true
  • I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast But that's me that ya gobblin' when you're eatin' the host.
  • It's not so much that the rest of us aren't fans, it's that I'm utterly talentless. Though I have to ask - who is Sugarhill? Is he one of these newfangled singers who doesn't croon?
  • The Sugarhill Gang, on the off chance that jb isn't joking...
  • Sylvia Robinson's Sugarhill Records was a very important record label in early hip-hop. She created the Sugarhill Gang as a novelty act for her new label. A lot of early rap appeared on Sugarhill's 12 inch dance singles.
  • *Thinks hiphop is what bunnies do best.*
  • Sorry - I wasn't joking. Never followed hiphop or rap - or rock, or folk, or western or classical for that matter. Like the medieval, don't know much about it. Thanks for the info though.
  • [bass: Chic, Good Times] Played this one nearly as many times as Superfreak, or maybe Thank You Falettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again.