August 25, 2014

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  • Eeek! banana poo.
  • Jeevan Anand

    He is a 28 yrs 29 days old, Right-hand batsman, who bowls Right-arm medium.
    His experience level is Useless and currently in Good form & Good fitness.
    His Skill Index is 17,921 but sadly has no known source of income.
    He has chosen to retire from cricket, after being fired by his previous team.

  • I'd buy an endowment plan from an unemployed bowler any day. Just like I have all these foreign people from Microsoft keeping my Windows safe from nasty business. oh my goodness.
    Summon the tracikraken!
    so, what did everyone have for breakfast today?
  • Still spam, it appears.
    Unless because I spat on it, it is going to follow me around...
  • It will follow you until it finally disappears from the sidebar.
  • Oooh! I can test our hidden post function...this post is relegated to the darkest reaches of the banana plantation.
  • Huh, didn't work.
  • I actually had a banana for breakfast this morning.
  • I'm having a caramel latte macchiato, from my environmentally unfriendly coffee pod machine. Comes with first-world guilt but tastes like awesome.
  • Seriously, why isn't this hidden?! Argh.
    Maybe it's hidden if you're not logged in...
  • Mother f_____________